Horseshoe Casino Baltimore opens Gordon Ramsay Steak on East Coast

Horseshoe Casino Baltimore replaces the former Jack Binion’s Steakhouse with Gordon Ramsay Steak. Opening its first east coast venue, adorned with the Union Jack flag on the ceiling and titled after the British-born, 7 Michelin Star winning restaurateur, the 'love-to-hate' TV personality, acclaimed-chef and author, Gordon Ramsay, made a visit to Baltimore on Wednesday. Executive Chef Samantha Love leads the team in Baltimore, joining thirty-two other restaurants operated under the Gordon Ramsay Group. Chef Ramsay was welcomed with open arms as “Charm City’s newest Citizen” by Mayor Catherine Pugh, Sports representatives from Baltimore Ravens and Orioles, and members of Baltimore City Council.



Gordon Ramsay Steak is the sister of the Las Vegas branch of the same name and comes with similar interior design. Inside, showcases a fiery gold full modern bar with an intimate dining area which features a large light up ceiling splash of the British Union Jack Flag. Seating is both leather booths and chairs; tables are lined with proper etiquette table setting. Bartenders and wait staff are uniformed with the same color scheme of the flag-- in red tie, blue shirt with white collars-- and trained to give the utmost service experience with sincere smiles. Unlike the other eateries the Horseshoe hosts, this particular place has it’s own separate entrance in addition to the the casino one. Guests are able walk into venue itself, if they choose to not be distracted by the fast paced nature of the tables and slots.



“I am thrilled to add a culinary landscape with a concept of that will offer guests the best dry-aged beef, finest seafood and freshest locally sourced ingredients in a uniquely warm and comfortable setting.” Ramsay announces over a table of his masterpiece entrees. Quite unique indeed, as most plates are creative touches to the classic style of land and sea dishes made by him and his Corporate Executive Chef Christina Wilson, a winner of one of his acclaimed TV shows.


What’s on Ramsay’s Baltimore Menu?  Without a doubt, find Ramsay's signature items: Roasted Beef Wellington [$69] and Sticky Toffee Pudding. Prices for steak are not for the faint of heart or light of wallet from an 8 ounce filet $32 to a 32 ounce rib-eye or long bone chop for $10.8 The American Rib Cap 8 ounces [$65] has the option to be served solo or can come with the steak accompaniments which range from $14-40, depending if you would like items like fois gras, marrow bone or butter poached lobster lobster tail. (Prices not currently on Baltimore site, taken from corporate website).


Sides, are adorned with truffle flakes [$10-12]. A loaded baked potato, seen left, is plated with smoked gouda bechemel cheese, sour cream, and topped with chives and three hearty strips of bacon [$12]. Also included will be his take on the Maryland Crab Cake, which he promises is locally sourced and freshest, 'not out of New Zealand can.'


The full menu can be seen on the Gordon Ramsay website


Gordon Ramsay Steak (replaces the former Jack Binion’s Steak and) is located on the first level of the Horseshoe Casino [1525 Russell Street], adjacent to the valet entrance. Casino rules only allow adult guests of 21 years of age and older. Reservations can be made by phone (443) 931-4386 or Gordon Ramsay Restaurants Website:

Article by Jessi Kim and Patti Neumann


Patti Neumann is Founder of Sip & Swirl Society & Publisher of, an award-winning food & wine blog.

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